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Property development funding



Property development funding is usually used for residential new build projects, residential refurbishment and conversion projects, commercial, industrial and office developments and the purchase of land with full or outline planning approval consent.


Historically banks would lend around 70% of the purchase price and 70% of building costs but they reserve these loans for experienced developers or individuals with a high net worth. McDaan Finance, however, provides property development funding for both experienced professional developers and those undertaking their first project.


Depending on the project, lenders may be willing to lend up to 100% of the entire project costs including site purchase, development, professional fees and interest roll-up.


Whether you are an established property developer or considering undertaking your first project, why not contact us? Our well trained staff will be happy to help.

Asset Financing



Asset financing is typically structured as a line of credit secured by a specific asset or across a combination of existing assets. Usually this includes: accounts receivables, finished goods inventory, real estate, and/or equipment.


With asset financing, a company uses its assets as collateral to obtain capital. The financing institution does not own the companies’ assets, but the assets can be seized if the business does not make its required payments on the loan.


Besides working capital, asset financing can be used for many other purposes:

> Company acquisitions and business mergers

> Management buy outs

> Financing expansions

> Turnaround finance

> Refinancing existing business loans


If your business has assets, whether they are accounts receivables, finished goods inventory, real estate, and/or equipments, we can arrange a loan for you with very competitive interest rates. Whether it is for increasing your working capital, management buy-outs or refinancing existing loans, please contact us now and one of our dedicated staff will be happy to help.


Business Cash Advance



Lenders that provide this financial product offer businesses a lump sum payment in exchange for a share of future sales. Cash advances are simple. Even high risk businesses and businesses with bad credit may still benefit from cash advance.


Businesses can obtain financing quickly without guarantees, liens, or collateral normally required for business loans. Because cash advances (unlike loans) are based on future credit card sales, there are no fixed monthly payments. You pay when your customers pay i.e. monthly payments are lower when business is slow.


Your advance is paid off using an agreed percentage of future card payments made by your customers. This flexibility offers you the chance to invest in and expand your business, and fund it through the extra turnover you generate.


Regardless of your type of business, and its conventional credit worthiness, this product may be suitable for you as long as your business regularly uses debit/credit card transactions during sales.


Why not contact us and get a no obligation quote that could help you take your business to that next level?

Factoring and Invoice Financing



Factoring is a flexible form of finance, which advances money to a business as and when it issues new invoices. Factoring can release up to 98% of the invoice value bridging the gap between raising an invoice and getting that invoice paid.


Factoring increases cash flow by effectively outsourcing your invoices and release the capital outstanding to provide the cash flow necessary for running the business and its growth. Factoring releases cash fast and effectively irrespective of credit worthiness and financial status.


Invoice discounting provides funds to your business by releasing money against unpaid sales invoices. Unlike factoring, however, this facility is provided with an option of bad debt protection. You no longer have to wait 30, 60 or 90 days for your customers to pay their invoices to enjoy the cash flow benefit.


If your business is struggling with cash flow and following up unpaid invoices, this product can help stabilize your business, improve your cash flow and leave you with more time to concentrate on building and improving your business.


To find out more on this products and how your business can benefit from it please contact us.


Hire/Lease Purchase



The acquisition of assets particularly expensive capital equipment is a major commitment for many businesses. Rather than pay for the asset outright, it can often make sense for businesses to look for ways of spreading the cost of acquiring an asset to coincide with the timing of the revenue generated by the business.


Leasing and hire purchase are financial facilities which allow a business to use an asset over a fixed period, in return for regular payments. The business customer chooses the equipment it requires and the finance company buys it on behalf of the business.


With a hire purchase agreement, after all the payments have been made, the business customer becomes the owner of the equipment. This ownership transfer either automatically or on an optional payment of a purchase fee. With leasing, ownership of the asset never passes to the business customer. Instead, the leasing company claims the capital allowances and passes some of the benefit on to the business customer, by way of reduced rental charges.


At Mcdaan Finance, we can arrange financing for many kinds of business assets both as leasing or hire purchase including:

• Plant and Machinery

• Business cars

• Commercial vehicles

• Agricultural equipment

• Hotel equipment

• Medical and dental equipment

• Computer including software packages

• Office equipment


Import-Export Funding



If you buy and sell goods internationally we can facilitate financial services such as purchase order, invoice, factoring and contract financing.


We can provide you with import/export financing solutions designed to meet the needs of your business. Our finance solutions enhance your company's cash flow by ensuring that you and your suppliers are paid in a timely fashion.


Our vast experience in international trade allows us to provide our clients with the necessary financial tools to expand sales outside their territories.

Please contact us to speak to one of our dedicated advisors.

Leasehold and Freehold Financing



Leasehold/Freehold financing is a type of loan that a lender offers to a borrower for a purchase of a retail business with the business itself acting as security against the loan.


For the purchase of a leasehold business, lenders will consider finance up to 60% of the purchase price or 50% of total revenue (whichever is the lower) using the business as the sole security and with the loan repaid over two-thirds of the unexpired period of the lease subject to a maximum loan repayment period of 10 years.



For the purchase of a freehold business, lenders will consider finance up to 70% of the purchase price using the business as the sole security and with loans repaid over a period of up to 20 years. In both Leasehold and Freehold cases, loans of up to 100% of the purchase price can be made available subject to additional supporting security.



McDaan Finance specialises in finding our customers the best leasehold/freehold finance product from our vast database of lenders. If you are planning to purchase a commercial property we will be happy to provide you with a competitive leasehold/freehold financing product.


The leasehold/freehold financing can be arranged regardless of your credit worthiness, as loan is secured against the lease of a retail business, so the credit status of the owner is irrelevant.


Please contact us to speak to one of our dedicated advisors.


Bridging Loans



A bridging loan is a type of loan that is used to cover shortfalls between buying one property and selling another or to cover businesses between tranches.


This type of loan is secured on assets and is short term from 1-12 months. Any type of residential, semi-commercial or commercial property can be considered as security for a bridging loan.


McDaan Finance has a vast network of dedicated lenders that provide bridging loans to customers and businesses. We will search and negotiate for you the best deal in the market to determine the product that mostly suits your needs.


For a short term, hustle-free and quick loan to meet deadlines and keep your business afloat why not contact us and our dedicated advisors will be happy to help.

Venture Capital



This is a type of private equity capital injected to companies in exchange for shares in the invested company. The invested company do not make regular repayments as with a loan, instead they pay dividends when the business is making a profit.


This means that venture capital provides you with a secure base to grow and develop your business. Venture capital is most attractive for new companies with limited operating history that are too small to raise capital in the public markets and are too immature to secure a bank loan or complete a debt offering.


In exchange for the high risk that venture capitalists assume by investing in smaller and less mature companies, venture capitalists usually get significant control over company decisions, in addition to a significant portion of the company's ownership.

McDaan Finance enjoys a well established relationship with a large number of venture capitalists, we understand what venture capitalists look for and can help present your investment opportunity in a way most likely to secure results.


Grant and R& D tax credit: We assist businesses in the UK access grants from both the public and private sector. We offer a comprehensive grant consultancy service for both innovate UK and EU Grants by identifying the right grant for you, helping to develop the proposition, execution plan and grant write



In Africa we can provide



Project finance:

We provide advice on all aspects of project finance in Africa, including optimal risk transfer and mitigation tools, possible contract structures, often drawn from precedents with similar deals, investing equity and advancing all forms of debt into project finance deals.


• Contract Financing:

 We provide Structured Financing against job contracts and Local Purchase Orders from both the private and public sector buyers.


• Guarantees and Standby Letters of Credit:

we can assist with any company’s international trade finance needs by handling the entire letter of credit process. We can assist you open Letters of credit to fulfil inventory financing needs for large and small purchase orders through our purchase order financing scheme and to provide an enhancement to current banking arrangements.

Our expert staff can work with clients to arrange their transfer letter of credit, performance guarantee requirements, cash against document requests and other such trade instruments by using our extensive global banking facilities. McDaan finance facilitates and manages the process of the opening of letters of credit process through the period for which a transaction may occur.


• Equity Finance:

 McDaan Finance can partner with businesses in Africa seeking to expand by providing a strategic blend of finance and value added business support to allow businesses to grow. Our model represents a unique approach to giving SME’s access to markets, risk capital, skills through industry experts, financial and operational management, strategic planning, and ability to grow. We are driven by the conviction that an integrated approach is the only way to address the challenges faced by this missing segment. By using a proactive and hands on approach to assist businesses in difficult and risky environment not met by mainstream financial services, we believe we can not only enable businesses to grow but also enable them to graduate and be in a position to access mainstream financial services.



McDAAN Finance

McDaan Finance is a financial service provider offering a wide range of commercial finance products to suit our clients' needs.


We operate a flexible approach and can arrange finance for individuals and businesses around the world regardless of their size or conventional credit worthiness.



Our database of suitable lenders is vast stretching across the globe allowing us to match our clients' needs with the most suitable and competitive financial products.


We are a UK-based financial broker with a wide range of clientele within the UK and abroad offering global financial solutions to our clients in Europe and America and have strong footprints in the fast growing economies of Africa and Asia. We strive to provide the best commercial finance solutions specially tailored to our customers' business needs whether they be start-ups or well established organisations.


Our huge range of products and services makes us a one-stop-shop for all your commercial finance needs. Why not contact us and our team of dedicated professionals will be more than happy to help.


McDaan Finance

Please contact us if you would like any information regarding any of our Financial services or to book a meeting with McDaan Financial advisor.

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